Enchanté: The Journal for the Urbane Pagan, founded in 1989, is a literary magazine for Witches, Pagans and anyone interested in Earth-based spiritualities.

“Urbane” does not mean “urban”, by the way. Urbane (according to Random House) means “(1) having the polish and suavity regarded as characteristic of sophisticated social life in major cities; (2) reflecting elegance, sophistication, etc. especially in expression.” Enchanté is a magazine for those Pagans and Witches sophisticated and suave with spiritual differences. We are witty and elegant, all right, especially when dancing naked around bonfires on Sutton Place or something, but we are also serious about our faith in the Gods, even if we don’t know all their names, indeed, can’t even count how many we believe in.

Enchanté has been called the “Most Provocative Pagan Publication” by the Wiccan-Pagan Press Alliance.

But what (or whom) are we trying to provoke? Well, we’re not trying to provoke enemies or opponents, for one thing. We want to interact in a civilized, urbane way with everybody. We want to provoke interesting discourse. In the recent re-issue of Drawing Down the Moon, Margot Adler calls us “One of the best written and wittiest Pagan magazines around.” We’re trying to live up to that.


Available right now wherever fine Pagan magazines are sold! The long-awaited "Songs of the TechnoPagans" issue!

For a sampling of the articles, essays, songs, commentary and general madcap of our issue #24, click on Kaija Berleman's fabulous collage on the front cover at the left.

{Nothing happened, huh? Well, that's because this page is still [March 9] under construction. Soon, though. Meanwhile an absolutely free sample copy can be yours for a mere $6 yadda yadda yadda, see below.}


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Sample copies of the magazine are available absolutely free!
(Enclose check for $6 made out to John Yohalem/Enchanté. Covers postage, handling, the NYTimes and a cappuccino.)

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Noted Pagan High Priest pictured at right (with accompanying Isian colleague), as shown recently in a photograph by Sylvia Plachy in the special Spirituality supplement of the Village Voice. And they do look distingué, do they not?

Well, we hope we're not giving anything away by explaining that this HP is none other than Enchanté's very own editor/publisher, John Brightshadow Yohalem. Further tales and photos about him and assorted friends (none of the photos unsafe for younger viewers, but possibly exciting to their more imaginative elders) are reachable by a mere click on the pic, or will be when we finally set up our home page. Nothing there just yet (March 9). Have patience.

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